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Automated Optical Inspection of SMD components placement on the PCB is a must have in electronics industry. Our vision system checks over 200 hundred components on both sides of the PCB in about half a second.

Cameras are a part of large depanelization, testing, assembly and packaging line. All operations are fully automated, AOI is operated by 6-axis ABB robots. Multiple angles and wavelength lighting has been implemented to ensure infallible flaws detection rate and keep false error ratio below 0,1 %. Our use of FPGA based DIO allows 6 pictures to be taken in roughly 100 ms, strong processing unit finishes the whole visual inspection in roughly half a second, database communication included.



The camshaft seal in a car is exposed to extreme conditions – for starters enormous pressure followed by large temperature differences. This small element is in fact crucial for the correct operation of the entire system, and its damage may result in a very costly repair.

Most crucial injection molding defects are being detected by pressure tests. However, shrinkage or overflow flaws have usually very insignificant or even none influence on the outcome of those. At the same time even as small as 0,1 mm imperfection can have huge negative impact on the gasket's service life. Brands that really care about quality of their vehicles won't accept it. The only way to identify such mistakes is visual, making vision system the only tool equal to the task. With use of collimated backlight and a low distorion macro lens our systems measure and compare each dimension of the gasket eliminating all shortcomings.



Successful foil wrapping of profiles requires even and uninterrupted distribution of glue (primer). Otherwise the pattern won't stick evenly to the surface and in time flaws will get exposed by sunlight.

It is impossible to inspect quality of the already wrapped product. The only way to ensure the final article is flawless is to control glue distribution in real time. Not easy task, especially taking into consideration that primer is transparent. Because of that most primer suppliers put glowing UV marker in their product composition. Drawbacks? UV-A is not actually fully safe for humans, extended exposure accelerates aging and can be the cause of cataract. Vision system with bandpass filters ensures not only fully automated primer control but also machine operator safety.



Industrial robot is a great tool to perform repetitive, simple tasks. Like every machine, it requires stable environment, precise positioning and exact same products to perform as desired. However with an addition of vision system it gains far greater flexibility of operation.

Detection of transparent bottles randomly placed on a perforated, metallic background has proven to be too much of a challenge for our corporate competitors. With use of low angle lighting we have programmed fully stable detection of both corks and bottles themselves. Thanks to the use190 fps Full HD cameras and our highly efficient VisionX PC we have kept camera cycle time below 150ms therefore allowing the robot duo to move fluently without any delays.



It is not easy to make a candle. Handling wax and glass, especially at high speed, is a very specific, tough task. A lot of things can go wrong, therefore visual inspection of the final products is absolutely necessary. Vast quantities and wide colour/type pallet does not make it any easier.

Our vision system measures both centricity of the wick and flatness and height of the wax surface. It looks for cracks in the glass, estimates glass roundness and verifies presence of the inkjet label. We reject parts with air bubbles, cracks, fingerprints on the top surface. All the aforementioned analysis and more while maintaining desired efficiency of the production line at 3,5 pieces per second.



In wooden furniture industry drilling is a crucial process. Almost every single element has multiple holes. Only if they are aligned correctly can the final product be assembled.

We have implemented solutions for detection, position and diameter measurement of holes on furniture boards. Our systems can work inline without the need for stopping the product for the duration of the inspection. By combining linescan cameras with encoder we can guarantee measurement accuracy in the range of +/- 0,1 mm on 2 m wide surfaces. Board linear speed up to 800 m/min. is easily acceptable for this vision system. More elaborate parts can also be inspected.

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