Industry specific solutions

From most common tasks like SMD component checking on the PCB, through coating inspection in UV-C and inline THT presence verification to most complicated soldering checks and final product assembly robotic applications. Electronics is the industrial automation pacesetter, VisionX is here to make even the most complicated concepts a reality.



Automated Optical Inspection of SMD components placement on the PCB is a must have in electronics industry. Our vision system checks over 200 components on both sides of the PCB in about half a second.

Cameras are a part of large depanelization, testing, assembly and packaging line. All operations are fully automated, AOI is operated by 6-axis ABB robots. Multiple angles and wavelength illumination has been implemented to ensure infallible flaws detection rate and keep false error ratio below 0,1 %. Our use of FPGA based DIO allows 6 pictures to be taken in roughly 100 ms, strong processing unit finishes the whole visual inspection in roughly half a second, database communication included.



Checking correct placement of THT components before soldering wave has proven to be one of best ways of saving time and money in production of PCBs.

We make sure through - hole components are put exactly where they’re required to before being soldered to the board. Our vision system is able to verify polarization of the capacitors and works flawlessly even if said components are a bit tilted. Addition of gantry operated camera from below the carrier can ensure that all the pins have went through the board exactly where needed. This system let’s you fix your mistakes before the wave, making replacements very fast and easy.



Conformal coating is a thin, transparent polymeric film layer, which task is to protect electronic components on the board. The most efficient way of inspecting its even distribution is by using UV-A light.

Coating suppliers enrich their products composition with glowing UV marker. It allows to generate very good contrast between covered and clean part of the PCB. Drawbacks? UV-A is not actually fully safe for humans, extended exposure accelerates aging and can be the cause of cataract. Vision system with bandpass filters ensures not only fully automated and perfectly stable coating distribution control. It is able to find droplets of lacquer in forbidden areas of the product and most importantly ensures human operator safety.

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