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Glass is a transparent, very fragile material, therefore requires special handling. It is also extremely tough to check for flaws by human eye. Make no mistake - we do not use any magical high tech devices to do it. We simply know the best lighting setup to expose all dents, scratches and imperfections. As per window/door profiles our systems can handle both checking correct spread of primer before veneering, as well as quality of the veneering itself.



Successful foil wrapping of profiles requires even and uninterrupted distribution of glue (primer). Otherwise the pattern won't stick evenly to the surface and in time flaws will get exposed by sunlight.

It is impossible to inspect quality of the already wrapped product. The only way to ensure the final article is flawless is to control glue distribution in real time. Not an easy task, especially taking into consideration that primer is transparent. Because of that most primer suppliers put glowing UV marker in their product composition. Drawbacks? UV-A is not actually fully safe for humans. Extended exposure accelerates aging and can be the cause of cataract. Vision system with bandpass filters ensures not only fully automated primer control but also machine operator safety.



Flaws on shiny, glossy surfaces are very easy to be noticed with human eye in bright sunlight. Therefore manufacturers of furniture and windows often experience complaints from their customers if their product is not perfect.

What’s easy for eyesight is not necessarily easy for automated visual inspection system. Unless you are working with VisionX that is. Due to years of experience with various types of lighting we have managed to design a camera - illumination setup that allows stable and accurate flaw detection on both transparent and glossy surfaces. We can look for 0,1 mm thin scratches, dents, declines and imperfections in mirrors, windows and windshields. Our know- how ensures automatic detection far more precise and far more impartial than human eye judgement.

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