Industry specific solutions

We have done systems for the final product quality assurance and implemented robot guiding cameras mid production. Our vision system can work almost in every phase of the manufacturing process - check presence and placement of holes in planks, confirm correct insertion of hinges, assure sleek, flat and flawless surface of mirrors. One of more interesting quality control systems we've done for window blinds checking - correct thickness and lack of holes in the material.



Flaws on shiny, glossy surfaces are very easy to be noticed with human eye in bright sunlight. Therefore manufacturers of furniture and windows often experience complaints from their customers if their product is not perfect.

What’s easy for eyesight is not necessarily easy for automated visual inspection system. Unless you are working with VisionX that is. Due to years of experience with various types of lighting we have managed to design a camera - illumination setup that allows stable and accurate flaw detection on both transparent and glossy surfaces. We can look for 0,1 mm thin scratches, dents, declines and imperfections in mirror silvering. Our know - how ensures automatic detection far more precise and far more impartial than human eye judgement.



Assembling pieces of furniture is a long and complicated process. Plethora of operations need to be performed before the final product is made.

Vision system is used to correct position of plank in robot’s grip. It has to be incredibly flexible, as there are over 200 different assortments! Length of the plank can vary from 0,5 to more than 3 meters, its maximum width reaches 1 meter. On top of all that, the required accuracy of the system is 0,1 mm, otherwise the elements will not be properly joined together. Only thanks to out of the box thinking were we able to solve this application and implement a fully functional solution.



In wooden furniture industry drilling is a crucial process. Almost every single element has multiple holes. Only if they are aligned correctly can the final product be assembled.

We have implemented solutions for detection, position and diameter measurement of holes on furniture boards. Our systems can work inline without the need for stopping the product for the duration of the inspection. By combining linescan cameras with encoder we can guarantee measurement accuracy in the range of +/- 0,1 mm on 2 m wide surfaces. Board linear speed up to 800 m/min. is easily acceptable for this vision system. More elaborate parts can also be inspected.

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