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Variety of things we've done with robots is at least twice as big as the list of robot manufacturers we have connected our vision with. And you must know we have worked with all of the major suppliers - ABB, Kuka, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Epson, UR, Fanuc, even Omron. If you need to give your robot eyes that will be reliable 24/7 in a changing environment - we have done it and are glad to provide yet again. Should you want to utilize the flexibility of 6 axes and have your product quality checked from every side and angle - VisionX has done it for over 30 significantly different products on a single station. Last, but definetly not least - we have just finished laboratory testing of a 3 dimensional robot positioning system based on a 2d camera. Our solutions can cover the whole xyz plane.



Industrial robot is a great tool to perform repetitive, simple tasks. Like every machine, it requires stable environment, precise positioning and exact same products to perform as desired. However with an addition of vision system it gains far greater flexibility of operation.

Detection of transparent bottles randomly placed on a perforated, metallic background has proven to be too much of a challenge for our competitors. With use of low angle lighting we have programmed fully stable detection of both corks and bottles themselves. Thanks to the use of 190 fps Full HD cameras and our highly efficient VisionX PC we have kept camera cycle time below 150ms. As a result allowing the robot duo to move fluently without any delays.



There are over 30 different products made in parallel on this production line. Quantities are not high, but the differentiation surely is. Sounds like a worst case scenario for automation.

In order to be able to analyze such big variety of products we have mounted our vision system on ABB Yumi collaborative robot. It's flexibility gives us access to every part of the analyzed product, making it possible to inspect screws, labels, scratches and so on. Our solution automatically identifies which item has been placed in the workstation by taking information from its barcode label. No positioning jig is needed as there is a position detection camera based on top of the machine. Thanks to the use of cobot the station is fully open and accesible for human operators.



In an ideal world automatic screwing would be an incredibly easy job. Program a single position and press play. Unfortunately it's not that easy to catch the thread, every time without positioning. Especially if you have multiple screws to be inserted and holes to be filled.

By addition of vision to your screwing station you create the ideal world. All it takes is to program one screwing position and calculate offset from vision. We will find every hole on your workpiece and send you coordinates that you simply need to follow. 100% accuracy is guaranteed by this unique solution. On top of that we can help with workpiece positioning, quality control of the screws or barcode reading. In our opinion this system is essential when you consider automatic screwing.

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