The neglected field - a short story of polish automation market

However it may sound, our company started from both passion and frustration. Great passion for machine vision as a whole and even greater frustration from how disregarded it's been by both buyers and sellers of vision systems.

Most of the companies I've visited in my early days of working for a leading global automation supplier have had a similar concept of a vision system. It's been thought of as a product, like a robot or a camera. Common approach was to buy a renowed, well-marketed brand to guarantee success. This situation was very convenient for the sellers, they were also selling "product", therefore the only provided warranty was for it's functionality. It has lead to a vast amount of failures and abortive implementations in consequence making factories less eager to use vision. In whole Poland it was almost impossible to find anybody that actually did expertise in the field and actually cared for providing solid working solutions. That's how the idea of VisionX came to be. We have started to revolutionize the polish market, reigniting faith in a solid vision solution and do not plan on stopping any time soon.

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