Industry specific solutions

VisionX systems can perform final product quality inspection for tealights, container, votive or pillar candles. We have systems checking placement of inkjet printed labels, verifying centricity of the wick, surface of wax and elipse of glass. Mix and match, we can provide all of those functionalities separately or deliver an all around inspection machine. Surely, aforementioned tests are being performed inline in a fraction of a second.



Production lines for this most popular type of candle reach extreme speeds and efficiency. Biggest factories manufacture over 40 pieces every second on a single thread.

We’ve implemented a solution able to check one tealight every 25 ms, therefore living up to the task of keeping production cycle time. Furthermore, a single unit is able to analyze both aluminum and transparent cups flawlessly. Among characteristics to be verified are  roundness, diameter, type of the cup and centricity of the wick,. We can also provide systems to check tealight surface quality and color after filling.



It is not easy to make a candle. Handling wax and glass, especially at high speed, is a very specific, tough task. A lot of things can go wrong, therefore visual inspection of the final products is absolutely necessary. Vast quantities and wide colour/type pallet does not make it any easier.

Our vision system measures both centricity of the wick and flatness and height of the wax surface. It looks for cracks in the glass, estimates glass roundness and verifies presence of the inkjet label. We reject parts with air bubbles, cracks, fingerprints on the top surface. All the aforementioned analysis and more while maintaining desired efficiency of theproduction line at 3,5 pieces per second.

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